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Research is core. There are no short cuts for due diligence. That said, real world constraints and the need to execute and deliver guide us towards effective and efficient investments. How much research is enough? As much as we can afford?



Contact Data (pdf)

Analysis of the companies previous methodology and clientele in order to improve direct marketing efforts.

Situational Narrative: Workstation Login

Task and activity analysis shows at the sensations, perception and cognition level complex considerations for what is often considered a simple process.

Examining Graphic Symbols and the Ability to and Recall and Remember Logotypes

Abstract: The purpose of these experiments is to determine the role that graphic symbols play in the ability to attend to and remember corporate logotypes. Research has been conducted that examines the role of dual coding in the ability to recall a target word (Potter and Kroll, 1987) but little has been done to investigate the importance of semantic similarity in logo/symbol pairing. This research reveals, in logotype design for attention and memory, a demonstrable benefit derived from dual coding and further benefit from semantic parity between the word-mark and accompanying graphic symbol.

Conjoint Analysis: An Introduction for Designers and Product Managers

This is a short guide written to introduce undergraduate graphic designers and industrial design students to the basics of survey technology and more specificly how conjoint can help in product planning.

Using research to determine product attributes and stratification for the design and marketing of user authentication*

Abstract: This paper explores needs and wants in the form of attribute sets for user authentication product offerings for use in securing data access as well as information and Internet access control. Seeking to determine optimal attribute for products that match market segment demands is a critical step in the design function. Research has been conducted using both quantitative and qualitative methods to accomplish a comprehensive view of the user, the marketplace and product attribute demand. This research exposes a clear hierarchy of needs as well as some indicators of the level of awareness of the problem that these products attempt to resolve. There is sufficient demand in the marketplace, but the development and design priorities must be set based upon innovation diffusion, potential returns and available resource allocation


Survey of in home security and authentication users

Ethnography of airport travelers data safety

A conjoint analysis of product attributes

Contextual inquiry of security professionals

General Discussion and Conclusions*

A User authentication technologies
B Marketing Considerations*
C Business Strategy Considerations*

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