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case studies:

Generations bank

So if we were to create the ultimate financial guidance, what would that look like? ~ 2002 (pdf)


Here is a bunch of technology, what can we make? ~ 2003 (pdf)



Griffin product diagrams

The plan for expansion with the typical limited resources of a start up ~2006 (pdf)

Design and innovation process diagram

Thesimplified version ~2009 (pdf)




SxSW presentation

Presented as a counter argument for "why we should ignore users" ~ 2007 (pdf)

Shaping portals

How can portals integrate and fascilitate the consumer's purchase behavior ~ 2008 (pdf)

Lean and the design process (panel discussion)

UX Strategy 2013

Data Driven Design

Presented for a private corporate event 2013










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business & product strategy

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